Thursday 22 September 2016

Where am I? What am I doing?

There is absolutely no script for whatever I am going to write today. I was going through all my blogs and had a sudden spike in my emotions to write. Well, I have several other blogs: a travel blog, a tutorials blog on OpenCV, a blog about the books I read (which has just a couple of posts), and a blog to search and compare different prices of products on Amazon, Flipkart etc. I am sure you must not known about the last two. That's okay, you know enough about me from the rest of my blogs. And there's always Goodreads which is way better to know who is reading what books. On that note, I see I haven't read much books recently. And that is partly because my Kindle is filled with books from great honored men. Take a bow, Thomas Cormen, Trevor Hastie, Sheldon Ross, Kenneth Rosen, Peter Winkler, Timothy Crack, and of course the great great authors of my Engineering Books, without whom my life would be incomplete. I am greatly indebted to these men for shaping my knowledge. So, coming to event about my emotions to write... this is the only blog where I can satisfy those emotions. Especially that post on Imperfect Perfection, I feel so relieved. Well, I sometimes wonder about this kind of psychology, this kind of attitude. I feel we are so pressurized, not to make mistakes. But I like being natural, being able to make mistakes and learn from them. I get some freedom to speak my mind. Which is great because the speed of my typing is slightly greater than the speed of my speech, that is number of words per minute. On TypeRacer, it is about 65 words per minute. Which is not bad.
Huh, but these days, I am completely underground you can say. I've uninstalled Twitter, Youtube, blocked Facebook and I don't even have an account on many other social networking sites.
I want you tell you why.
Now our mind is like a box. If you put stuff in it, it will occupy space.
Remember the last time you watched a movie, or TV, or a Facebook Video, or a Meme on Fb, or someone's cute picture on Instagram. Do you observe how your mind reproduces the exact image of it?
Because it is colorful and is pleasant to look at. Yeah? You can even remember the exact details of the most funniest post you have seen, or the most beautiful picture of your crush.

Now step back for a moment, and remember the last time you read a book. Try to reproduce an exact image of any page of that book. It should contain only text, not pictures.
What happened? What all details could you reproduce?

After having introduced to Image Processing stuff, I get some idea why Text Processing is so much easier that Image Processing.
Images have lot of data, three channels, R,G,B, several hundreds of rows and columns.
Images definitely occupy more space than a piece of text.
If you try to put those images in a box, then..?
Memories in brain are stored as synapses between the neurons. Stronger the connection, stronger the memory.

This was what I had observed months back. But after 8 months of Facebook-Less days, and a reduced amount of social networking (large part of it due to Quora), I am definitely at a better position. In what way? I am far away from the bullshit. Yes. You heard that true. Now I decide what I want to read, what I want to see and what I want to do. I am not addicted like many others are. And I get lots of free time to do *stuff*. Lot of stuff. At a very important stage in life. Which has the potential of turning my life topsy turvy. Well, time would decide that. But I am happy I took that decision to surrender from the social media, and be underground. I would definitely want to watch that movie on Snowden. Just a random thought.

You can't stay away from the news but. News! News! News! Stock Markets. Indices. Sensex jumped 400 points. Attack on army camp. People losing lives. Religion. Modi. Seperatists. Ice around the moon of Saturn. Tesla. Mark Z. Jio. Can't escape from news. Definitely not. I just want to say something. Look at animals. They are so much attached to their children. We, humans, having a <slightly ?> more emotional quotient than animals, if we lose someone dearly, how would be the feeling be? Why would people want to take someone's lives? We are going to die anyways. What do you want to achieve by doing such explosive activities? Isn't life beautiful? What is religion? It is the humans which have synthesized this concept. Don't know if it even exists. We don't even know how vast is the universe.
I am thinking the creator of this universe must be laughing at us for fighting at such trifle things.
Because there is an end to everything. And our earth is sustained, in my opinion, just because of the Sun. Yes. The Sun. The might Sun. Take a bow. The Sun God. It is a star nonetheless. And all stars have life span. Just when it will end, it will be a Black Hole. It will engulf everything. Our earth, planets, and maybe even Alpha Centauri, who knows? Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow no one has seen. We only have today. Enjoy this moment. And let others too. Let there be peace. Think progressive. Life is short to worry about stuff like supremacy of a religion, a piece of land, a part of sea. Lol, countries are developing nuclear weapons and other such ultra-modern stuff. God doesn't play dice. But I wander if they will ever be using it, or if there will be someone on earth left to use them, or if there would be earth at all. Well, I saw the images by Nasa. So huge is our earth. We are not to be seen. So tiny! And the universe is so huge! And the ego of these tiny creatures?!

Great talking to you! See you next time!

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Evolution of Indian Cinema and recent controversies

Before I begin, let me ask you not to think of elephants while you are reading this article.
Let me start by mentioning about a recent movie, which was surrounded by controversy owing to the depiction of some violent scenes involving drug abuse. Udta Punjab.
The film scared me a bit though, as it might well be intended, with teenage childen offering themselves to drugs by injecting themselves.
Now the point is that the drug menace in Punjab is being mentioned since 10 years. It was in early 2000s that there was an article on the topic. Of course, people in the age group same as mine might not remember, nor do I. It is also not the case that drug menace has been restricted to Punjab only. There have been campaigns to stop drug abuse even in Chennai. So there is no harm in denying that the youth are not introduced to drugs. Now one can't argue the intensity of the abuse is much more in Punjab than in anywhere in India. Drugs are drugs. Its sheer use to achieve unimaginable feelings is a blot on the society.

Elephants can sometimes be the most cruel creatures on Earth. Stay away from elephants.
Now let me rewind some years of the Indian Cinema. About 10-15 years before, when we didn't have dish tv connections, I remember, we used to watch Doordarshan sometimes. I remember watching a film in which there was some song Tel Maalish by Jonny Walker, I guess. I am sure no one today would listen to it. But I just observe the evolution of films from that point to today.
We have been evolved in terms of our thinking and our reactions.
Today we are more open and casual than our previous generations.
So what I am trying to point out here is that films do have a impact, whether meagre or not, on the way we perceive our surroundings.
Have you played with a magnet? Have you brought a magnet near some iron fillings? What did you observe? Some movement towards or away from the magnet?

What I am trying to explain is something similar.
And also in both positive and negative sense.

The thing is that when you watch a graphic/movie, our brain perceives it as real and lives that moment. When you are doing an activity, you must have observed your mind wandering. But have you ever wandered while watching a movie? I recall reading this from Quora after having watched the movie Drishyam. It is also the reason why you feel relaxed after watching a movie, the reason being that your mind was away from your thoughts.

Now when I had asked you to not to think of elephants, what did you think of? I had even scared(?) you by mentioning they are cruel. What did you think of?

Are you getting my point?

By portraying that something is bad, it gruesome, it the worst thing, don't do this... you are inviting some percent of youth, to try it nonetheless.

Drugs were portrayed as bad, but it was also shown that with the help of drugs the character could compose songs which took him to world level recognition. Now our mind has this habit of throwing out arguments which we don't like. Although cigarretes are also harmful, they are portrayed in movies as a style symbol. And somewhere there could be someone who, immature because of the age, would be wanting to give a try. There is no going backwards. 

Thursday 14 July 2016

Does God exist?

Think, when would the first time when the term ‘God’ must have been coined? What would have motivated man to think of some superlative force?
When the primitive man must have feared something, he must have thought/prayed some entity to save himself from a danger. Or he must have been hungry for several days and thought it someone could provide some food.
Well, there must have been several experiences of such kind of several of these primitive men.
The concept is not just limited to getting saved or providing food.
When the primitive men must have started to grow in numbers, there must have been fights and quarrels among themselves. Someone who must have instilled sense in these people must have been highly regarded. Someone who must have taught the concepts of selflessness, being kind to others and live in harmony.
There must also have been some incidences when these people must have encountered some miracles. Like they must be followed by some wild animal and suddenly it got disappeared. There must also have been cases when one of them must have come forward and said “I made that creature disappear”. Well, it is possible.
There must have been some group of people who must have been protected by animals like cows, tigers, lions etc. which must have persuaded them to consider them as holy. Remember creatures don’t harm you unless they fear you. Some groups might have started worshiping them, must have befriended the creatures, and must have considered themselves as some higher power.
When entities from different groups, who must have been influential in persuading others to live in harmony, who must have instilled some common sense, teach how to live with others must have been considered as God. Even when they must have passed away, others must have created artifacts, icons, images to represent them. It must have happened that whenever they must be in danger, and must have remembered these icons, they must have gotten rid of the danger. Or they must have been in a well off position than those who did not ‘worship’.
Well, this is just my idea of how the concept of God came into picture.

But as we all are aware but fail to believe that there is just one God. I consider it that is in the form of ‘Nature’. What we see around us. What defines everything we are. I believe science has a greater role here. The Law of Conservation holds. If you do something good, you will get the same. I believe everything has their own unique equations. Nothing can be random. Do you know that it is almost impossible to generate truly random numbers? There is always an underlying pattern behind everything. And when the patterns interact with each other, you get results depending about the type of interaction. The patterns define God. Patterns, Equations are everywhere around us. When you try to disturb the pattern, it will strike back. When you enhance it, you will benefit from it. Discipline is also a pattern. When you live a disciplined life, with a pattern which matches that around you, there is a resonance. Resonance is a very important concept to understand. When your equation, your frequency, your pattern which matches with that of nature, which is around you, you get success. Observe any successful person, there will always be an underlying pattern which they follow. Now we have become so advanced and the concept of God is so well established, that we won’t consider them as Gods. But imagine someone like that in some group during the time of homo-sapiens. These are what generations have kept passing on as what we recognize today as Gods. In the end, it what you believe, what you have faith in. Today, it is impossible to snatch away faith the people have in their respective Gods. But if you want to truly expand your horizons, you don’t need to look far. Just look around you. Look inside yourself. A pattern, an equation will be waiting to be deciphered, and that, my friend, will be the moment of epiphany. The God.

Note: This is my answer to one of the Quora Questions. See the link here.

Thursday 7 July 2016

Perfect Imperfection

I have been remembering lately about this blog. I am having this urge to write and write, to give my opinion about the recent events happening, to put my thoughts into action, to create some music with words, listen to those awesome sounds made by my keyboard keys as I type along, create long long paragraphs (remember, range of long long on 64-bit implementation is 2^64-1), play around with topics, insert random comments, and just pour out all my feelings like I am doing right now. But I was thinking maybe if I write on my blog which will be read by lot of people in my circles, I should be little bit perfect with my style of writing. And so I kept procastinating. After having read several blogs of really awesome people, with some gaps filled by Quora, I thought "Heck! Let me start writing. No one is perfect. In the process I shall improve." With much courage, I finally opened and clicked "New Post". Wow! Here I am. The imperfect guy! But hey who is not? Okay, so if you might have read my previous posts, which I have (after a long time!) I feel I might have done a little better. But that's not a problem. Here I am to rejuvenate this blog of mine once again!

Now a quick word of caution. Whenever I start writing, my mind wanders off to lot of different topics, which mostly are related to the main topic in some sense. Also I think I have a pretty bad sense of humor. But I am improving on it. Lol. How must it feel to improve on one's own sense of humor? Well also to say this, I am not going to review my blog again for any typo errors or broken sentences. And I have a pretty good reason for it. I belive if you want to know about the person, you need to look directly into their mind, their thought process. And this means you need to just read what they write. Because I believe, right now, whatever I am thinking is what I am typing. I have set my eyes on this screen and there is a definite thought process going on inside my brain, on which word/sentence to type next. Well my thoughts will help you know more about me. Thoughts are original. If I go back and reiterate, I might synthesise the thoughts by editing stuff. It would make this blog better, but as I said, let the imperfection be perfect. One more thing, I am observing myself indulging a bit in the political matters of my country. So I might give opinions from my point of view. I do not belong to any political party nor am I a supporter of any person. Please refrain from commenting any such stuff. I'll try to give an unbiased opinion, but don't expect a perfect unbiasness.

One more thing, before I wrap up.. oh I forgot. Yes. I would love to make new friends and have healthy discussions of any topic. If you are just curious to know more about me or if you want to discuss anything, please feel free to comment on the posts or email me. Cheers!

Monday 31 March 2014

Only if I could stop the time!

I wish I could stop the ticking time!
This beautiful moment, I just don't want to pass it away...
This instance of love, I wish I could live for ever.. and ever..
I wish we could be together in this moment... for ever and ever..
Never would I start it again.. never.. ever..

How wonderful it would be if time was in our hands, and we could start it and stop it at our own wish!
From the most beautiful moments we live in our life, to the worst and depressing times we have seen,
what if we could just slow down time and enjoy the happy moments..  or just fast forward it in times of sorrow!

In circuits, there are these elements called Flip-flops which have memory and can store or remember a single bit(0 or 1).
I wish I had some element which could store or remember time too!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could to go to my childhood, sleep in the arms of my parents, play with my brothers and sisters, steal chocolates from the kitchen, play whole day with my friends without worrying about all the worldly problems and just relive myself once again, just for a few seconds??!!

What if I devise an instrument with the help of space-time equation and have the ability to stop time from ticking away.. from taking away precious moments with the best people in my life? with the most loved ones in my life??

I wish I could.. I really wish I could..! 

Friday 28 March 2014

Is this the right time to take up issue of corruption on a primary note?

Note: The following views and thoughts are strictly personal. Neither do I belong to any political party nor do I support any. The views may vary from person to person.

Arvind Kejriwal may be right that after many years, there has been a current of wave to drive away corruption from this country. He is taking measures to any extent to achieve a non-corrupt India.
But just stop and think for a moment, a middle class man who has a daughter wanting to become a doctor, a son who wants to become an engineer, a wife who wants a new saree, and his parents who are suffering from some kind of illness. Now, what in the world would affect him if the JanLokpal Bill is passed or not?  Why would he even care if Modi is helping Ambanis or not?
Mind well, I am talking on a very thin line of demarcation between what is right and what is wrong.
Please try to understand and take this positively. I am not saying that if the middle class person does not care, people are free to indulge in malpractices. NO. Not at all. But also, sometimes yes.
I was learning Principles of Economics, and there I came under this concept called 'Trade-Off'.
Today, if you notice, this concept of Trade-Off has crept in our daily lives in disguise of our actions, our virtues, our necessities, our everything!
The point I am trying to convey here is that, there hasn't been enough opportunities for the middle class population in the last 7-10 years. There is this devil called corruption, which has suppressed those opportunities.
There are two types of corruption, one which creates opportunities, and the one which destroys them.
Again, I am talking on a very silver lining, so e.g. If a person is indulged with the business group of India, and is helping them creating opportunities, our GDP increases, foreign income increases, imports and exports increase, and in the end it is the common man who gets benefited.
This is not corruption actually, its a trade-off. Sometimes, it is taken in the wrong sense.

Also, the realization that we are in 21st century and the fact that technology is evolving at a lightning speed nowadays, we can see countries like China, Japan, USA,... hell lot of research work, newer technology day by day, inclination of people towards science and innovation,etc, etc... when was the last time you saw an innovation or a technology in India creating a breakthrough in the field of Science and Technology? We have companies like Google creating Google Glass, Google Watch, companies like Sony,Samsung, spending loads on R&D. I am not underestimating India, but we need to open our eyes. Within 2020, there will be a whole new world of technology and innovation, super computers, augmented reality, and infinite many things. India will have to push its limits if it wants to be there on an equal footing with other countries.
What I am saying is that, this is not the time to take up issue of corruption on a primary note.
We need to create opportunities, make a breakthrough, invest in R&D, create job opportunities, make the business policies flexible, and much more.

Friday 9 August 2013

The irony of life

"The most unfair thing  about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot  of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A Death! What’s that, a  bonus?

I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first,  get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked  out when you’re too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You  work forty years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You  do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to  grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities,  you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last  nine months floating …and you finish off as an orgasm."

-George Carlin